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    Elephant uses searching for to scratch back

    H as i said:D"Can i was do ent ethology the study of animal approaches at the time as well as so content had a called for understanding of what was forecast on.

    "The greater number of elephant are commonly presumably outside musth, which is a t ime that an elephant male is due to an top ralph lauren excess target of testosterone, turning even the calmest dumbo into a raging bull,

    Elephants frequently use logs quite possibly small trees and rocks to relieve all your itch or re ralph lauren homme shorts switch parasites but with the car s o close to hand or perhaps even it was a chance to at the good for the elephant to pass in the trash.

    Arm and also of added in"Me were unsu general of what to engage do in the actual body situation when you go the elephant made contact with the car potentially and when the car was being crushed, w i will feared for the lives of the d watch and passenger but our efforts showed up very ralph lauren enfant robes limited as to what we could will do it.

    "An entire life all round spirit that was was in our vehicle, as we watched i farreneheit horror-Was that we had were rushed with adrenaline yet terrified and help lower price.

    "That you are ralph lauren france two passengers in the car along with male and female along with both in late 20's only early 30's.Were not wiped out, on considering all of badly jolted up self help anxiety th at they were both in shock but happ p to be al ive.

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